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Sport Kite Videos




Kite Notes Quicktime HTML Quicktime File
Dan Whitney Freestyle 9.2 Benson Gemini Backspin machine; March 2002 Link Download
Mark Reed Freestyle 4.4 Prism Elixir Light winds; December 1998 Link Download
John Gillespie Freestyle 36.4 Blue Moon Mamba Light winds, lots of axles, fades, 540's Link Download
John Gillespie Freestyle 18.2 Aerostar Spica Pro Light winds, lots of axles, fades, 540's Link Download
John Baressi Bugs Routine 32.2 Revolution At Berkeley, 2004 Link Download

2004 Events

Lee & Debbie Park, AKA Convention, Seaside, Oregon October 1 movie (40MB)
BASKL Indoor Fly, Walnut Creek, CA February 28  
Huntington Beach Kite Party February 6-8  
Treasure Island, FL Fish Fly January 17-18 3 Panoramas (P1, P2, P3)[NEW!]
KTAI Clearwater, FL January 14-16  

2003 Events

BASKL Indoor Fly, Walnut Creek, CA November 8 10 movies
Mix 96 Kite Festival, Elk Grove CA  September 28 coming soon
Washington State International Kite Festival  August 18-24 Kite World, featuring Rob Baptie with Brent Jensen [31.3 MB]
Berkeley Kite Festival July 26-27 1 movie [38.8 MB]
San Ramon Art & Wind Festival May 25-26 24 photographs
BASKL Indoor Fly, Martinez CA February 22 15 movies (!)
Huntington Beach Kite Party February 1 24 photographs
KTAI Primm Valley, Nevada January 16-19 WSO movie, E2 movie

2002 Events

GWTW Baylands December 7, 2002 12 photographs, 1 movie
Kites Over Pismo Beach, California October, 2002 13 photographs
Mix96 Kite Festival, Elk Grove, California

September, 2002

41 photographs
Berkeley Kite Festival, California July, 2002

2 photographs

Marina International Festival of the Winds May, 2002 1 movie [36.4 MB]
BASKL March 2002 March, 2002 9 movies
Mountain View Centennial March, 2002

Many photographs,
1 movie [18.2 MB]

Click here for access to other kite pics in and around Larkspur, California, including some panoramas of my home field at Piper Park.

Going to be vising San Francisco? Here are some kite flying areas near The City.

I produced the Dodd Gross Flight School DVD in the Fall of 2002.

A short video I made for a Guide Dog Puppy Raisers' Reunion held on September 15, 2001 can be viewed here [17.4 MB].

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