San Ramon Art and Wind Festival
© 2003 John Gillespie

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Ulysses Villanueva flying 7 Revolutions. Dan Whitney taking photo.
Ulysses Villanueva flying 7 Revolution stack. Dave Sabalino (left) is resetting his foil. Dan Whitney taking pictures. Ron Despojado works the Candy Drop crowd. Susan Shampo looks on.
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Ron Despojado wants to know Who Wants Candy?! Ron Despojado lays out Candy Drop rules Dan Whitney lofted his Gecko for a short while. The gusty winds made the lizard take a spectacular nose dive shortly after. JJ from Reno assists. Brian Champie's Octopus flew briefly. The woman is a local newspaper photographer.
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John Chilese (foreground) is taking yet another photograph of Emmalee Kirk flying a Blue Moon Mamba. Ulysses Villanueva piloted the Rev, but the stars of this performance were his daughter and two nieces (?) Dan Whitney and John Chilese pursue with cameras. Ulysses Villanueva flying a Revolution Ulysses Villanueva flying a Revolution to accompany three young hula dancers.