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BASKL Indoor Fly

Foothill Middle School

2775 Cedro Lane

Walnut Creek, CA

November 8, 2003

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John Chilese

18.6 MB

3 min 00 sec


Don King

18.9 MB

3 min 4 sec


Laurent Moll

20.5 MB

3 min 20 sec

3rd Place


Miguel Rodriguez

24.1 MB

3 min 55 sec


Francisco Navarro

22.2 MB

3 min37 sec


Brent Jensen

18.2 MB

2 min 56 sec

Second Place


Aaron Champie

22.0 MB

3 min34 sec

First Place


Darrin Skinner

22.9 MB

3 min 43 sec


Dan Burnham

17.5 MB

2 min 51 sec


Brian Champie

22.3 MB

3 min 34 sec


Camera: Sony TRV7 MiniDV 1 CCD

Video Compressor: Sorensen 3

Audio Compressor: MPEG-4

Lighting: Indoor, Gymnasium, underlit for video.

Added Proc Amp and Gamma Correction to bring up video level.

You will need the free Quicktime software available here to play these movies. All movies are progressive downloads. Click on an image to begin playing in your browser, or right-click (Macs control-click) the Download link to put a copy of the movie on your computer for playing while off-line.

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