The WSO UL by WS Drachenbau at the KTAI on January 13, 2002. The pilots are Steve Hall, Chris Miller and Daniel Flinkmann. The kite is made by Wolfgang Siebert. The wind was very light that evening, at less than 2 mph. The setting is the Ivanpah dry lake bed at Primm Valley, Nevada on Interstate 15 at the California/Nevada border. The video is 6 minutes 15 seconds long. The music is "Big Thing in the Sky" by William Ackerman on Windham Hill.
(C) 2003 John Gillespie
The movie should start playing automatically. You will need the free Quicktime software available here. The movie is a progressive download, 34 MB, shot with a Panasonic MX-3000, edited with Final Cut Pro, and compressed with the Sorensen 3 video codec built into Quicktime Pro.
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