It was a nice day at Piper Park. With a light wind blowing, it was time to play with my Mamba by Blue Moon Kites. This is one of my favorites. You'll see axels, 540's, cascades, pancake to fades, and lots of bobbles recoveries.

Right after flying the Mamba, I switched to the Spica Pro. It's a smaller kite that acts a bit looser than the Mamba. Also one of my favorites.
(C) 2003 John Gillespie

The movie should start playing automatically. You will need the free Quicktime software available here. The movie is a progressive download, 36.5 MB, shot with a Panasonic MX-3000, edited with Final Cut Pro, and compressed with the MPEG-4 video codec built into Quicktime.The movie is only 15 frames per second to keep the file size down. It lasts about 14 minutes.
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